What is solar power?
Very simply, solar power is the power of the sun which can be used to generate heat or electricity. It is clean (no fumes), quiet (unlike diesel fuel generators) and alternative (unlike fossil fuel and other non-renewable energy sources which take years to resume, the sun's rays hit the earth everyday).

There are two wide ways in which we use direct sunlight energy - its heat or thermal property (e.g. solar power water heater) and light or photovoltaic or pv power (eg. a solar power panel that can power your pocket calculator or an entire city).

Why use solar?
Every second the sun generates enough energy to maintain the needs for 500,000 years. But, why use it?

It's financially sensible: The price of conventional power is booming every year. After the preliminary price of setting up solar power facilities in your home or office, you have zero recurring expenses on solar power source.

It's environmentally sustainable: Let's face it, we are using non-renewable fuel and other non-renewable energy sources much faster than it can replenish itself. As a result, the world is not having enough non-renewable sources. The sun,on the other hand, stands out daily.

Research shows that a 1kW solar power system helps you to save 77 kg of non-renewable fuel from being burnt off, 397 ltrs of water from being absorbed and 136 kg of Co2 from being released into the weather.


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